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"Chalk the Block" - Saint Joseph, MI. 2018

I feel very fortunate to live in such a beautiful area that offers so many incredible photography options. Be it a sunset photo over lake michigan, a fun family portrait photoshoot on the beach, or the numerous opportunities for event photography like the “Chalk the Block” event in Saint Joseph MI. which I had the privilege of attending a couple weekends ago.

For a photographer like myself I feel blessed to be in a geographical location such as southwest Michigan. It can be easily argued this area of the world is a paradise all its own...

At least in the summer... Winters kind of suck…

I just shivered...


Okay, no more thoughts of winter because it is only August! Thank goodness!

On August 4th I attended the Chalk the Block event in Saint Joseph Michigan and I was lucky enough to bring my camera along because there were so many smiling faces and positive vibes to capture. Not to mention wonderfully creative, beautiful, and unique chalk art to photograph.

It was a ton of fun, even though I was a ball of sweat ten minutes after arriving, but just as the artists braved the heat like absolute champions and worked endlessly to create their masterpieces I did what I could to capture the amazing mood of the event. Even despite my viewfinder fogging up with perspiration which seemed to flow from my brow like its only little fantastical cascading waterfall.


I had a blast snapping some fun candids, unique point-of-view shots, and the art itself as it was being formed out of the minds of the artists and manifesting in real time onto the hot asphalt canvas. I even saw many fellow photographers near me at the event capturing the beauty of Chalk the Block in their own creative ways.

I hope you all enjoy the photos I was able to capture and if you know anyone in the pictures please share the link with them.

Thank you St. Joe for another fun gathering to photograph, a big thanks to all the artists for their incredible work, and thanks to all the patron art admirers who attended!


- Josh