SouthWest MI. United States

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ABOUT The Photographer

I am a photographer, a dreamer, an artist, and above all I am a kid at heart. I strive to not only capture creative and beautiful photos but to also work with you to collaborate with the ideas in your head. I believe in the art of capturing real emotional moments in life and presenting them in creative ways.


With years of photography experience, I have an eye for detail and a unique creative style. I strive to be flexible, accommodating, and above all else professional.


 - Josh


MerKaBa Candid is about capturing the priceless shots of your highest most beautiful self in action. In other words, capturing your soul's purest and most positive energies which are constantly peeking out into this reality moment to moment. Shots like these represent not only the beauty of the composition and the subject but more importantly the positivism that surrounds each of us, this planet, and all things in existence. 



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